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Architect of a new safe world, like paradise in the Aquarius Era

Founder of Crystalletion, International Safety Expert, Core Business Engineer, Writer, Artist


She is born on this planet to fulfill her mission, creating a new dimension and lifestyle with safe environments and safe civilizations in a magical divine sphere full of beautiful sounds and visuals in the Aquarius Era. She is so grateful for all her international safety experience by making many safety profiles and giving many safety consults. She helped more than 100.000 customers from all corners of the earth. They also inspired her by establishing an ultimate core system profile for authentic world leaders of the new century, it is called the Quantum Crystal Core System [QCCS]. You can read about it on her website Crystalletion [coming soon].


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Biography of Crystal-Victoria Hilarion

At the age of 19 her soul mission came to the surface, telling her to start with creating a new dimension by blueprinting, initiating and building new safe societies on earth. In that year she went to study at the Hogeschool van Utrecht, where she studied four years and obtained the diploma of the HBO course 'Integral Safety Science' in 2002. She also traveled through all layers of safety and gained her experience and knowledge at different levels: international and nationally strategic, tactical and operational within various organizations such as G4S a British multinational private security company, Securitas a multinational security services, monitoring, consulting and investigation group, I-SEC an international company for advanced aviation security services, Ministry of General Affairs and at DSP group Amsterdam for municipalities, provinces, central government. In more than 22 years, Crystal-Victoria has gained knowledge and experience within societies and security on topics such as: international aviation and air cargo security, counter-terrorism, integrated public-private security cooperation, security affairs, state visits by ministers, prime minister, presidents, international and national security crisis management. She also studied human design, quantum touch, the enneagram, lifestyle and learned from Einstein, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jeffrey Allan, Bob proctor, Masaru Emoto, Rhonda Byrne, Marie Diamond, Neal Donald Walsch, T. Harv Eker, Jon & Missy Butcher. She finished the businessschool and transformation school of Katelijne Vermeulen and Simone Levie in 2020. In 2011 she started her own business named Crystalletion, a business where she trains authentic world leaders of the new era. You can read about it on her website Crystalletion soon]

Nabezuru・鍋鶴 White Crane

Nabezuru・鍋鶴 the Japanese word for white crane. A white crane stands for peace and only fights when it comes to self-defense. According to the Tibetans, the white crane is also a symbol of freedom, honor and loyalty. Also, Nabezuru is considered as 'the bringer of wisdom, hope, long life and happiness'. The crane is looking for peace and space, quiet areas to breed on new creations. The crane is a majestic animal and has a larger wingspan than the stork, instinctively goes out and meets its congeners along the way. Sometimes he/she flies with them, for a while or forever.


It is the impressive mating dance that makes the crane so 'own'. Cries are released (courtesy) and there is swinging, twisting, jumping, sometimes several meters high. Wings stretched wide and sometimes not. Forget everything that goes on in the environment. Only focus on the lady or gentleman who may be courted. How beautiful is that? What can you completely immerse yourself in, completely in line with your instinctive own rhythm. It is true that the most beautiful things arise.


Throw out what needs to go out (let go and create new) and dance your most beautiful dance… because that's what life is. Life as a mating dance with yourself, where you completely coincide with yourself. A place of love, respect for yourself and recognizing your value and authenticity.

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